BRAD'S COMMENTS: Beyond the three main governments of the FASA STSTCS—the Klingons, Federation, and Romulans—there were two other races that had ships featured in the main game book: the Gorn and the Orions.  The designs for these craft are almost whole-cloth fabrications of FASA, having little or no basis in canon, and while the Gorn of the FASA universe did have a handful of decent ship designs for use during game play, there were never enough to warrant a Gorn section all by itself.  So, for the sake of expediency, I have bundled the Gorn and the Orions, plus Ferengi, and other races post-dating the demise of FASA, like the Jem'hadar, into this single reference page.  Ships are grouped by race of origin, with visual identifiers and alphanumeric classifications, where applicable.  Overall, both the Gorn and Orion designs from FASA play fairly well against similarly-classed FASA ships from the big three governments, while advanced nations such as the Dominion and super-powerful forces like the Borg are almost in a separate category all by themselves.  Orion and Gorn stats are original to FASA while the stats for the Gamma and Delta quadrant races, plus a few odds, ends, and one-of-a-kind craft, are my creation alone.

The capitol city of Cardassia Prime, during Cardassia's alliance with The Dominion.

NOTE: where possible, I tried to scan each ship at as high a resolution as I reasonably could.  But the original format of the drawings in the FASA manuals typically makes this very difficult.  The designers at FASA used an old black and white layout trick where the "gray" color that shades the ships is not gray at all, but instead composed of thousands of tiny black dots on a field of white.  (click here for an example!)  The net effect viewed from afar by the human eye is that of 'grayness' but the scanner picks up every last dot and it takes a lot of softening/blurring and reduction via Paintshop Pro to get the ships to look halfway decent.  Even then, the images sometimes don't come out nearly as crisp as I'd like.  So if things seem a teeny bit fuzzy around the edges, or if the graphics don't look exactly as they did on paper, please understand that I did what I could with what I've got.  In some lucky cases I have been able to find large-scale graphics from other sources for well-known canon ships (like the Constitution Refit/Enterprise & Reliant/Miranda).  These graphics produce superior scans when compared to the Ship Recognition Manuals, and I have necessarily replaced the poor FASA graphics with crisp, better looking images that have been cropped, resized, and shaded manually.


G O R N   A L L I A N C E

SS-3 Destroyer

MD-8 Cruiser

"Vovossa" Monitor

BHU-1 "Salamander"

MA-12 Cruiser

BH-2 Battleship

CS-6 Courier



Lightning Blockade Runner

Wanderer Blockade Runner

Dwarfstar Freighter

Swift Solaria Slaver / BR

Freelancer Blockade Runner

Aral Blockade Runner


C A R D A S S I A N   U N I O N

Galor Cruiser

Keldon Cruiser

Nor Space Station


D O M I N I O N   &   J E M ' H A D A R

Jem'hadar Destroyer

Jem'hadar Cruiser

Jem'hadar Battleship


B O R G   C O L L E C T I V E

(large) ⁿ

(large and small) ⁿ


V A R I O U S   V E S S E L S

Ferengi D'kora

Breen Warship

Lotus Flower

Fuel Carrier












* Denotes ship class included with FASA Next Generation Officer's Manual

ⁿ Denotes ship class from the Next Generation era that is officially part of Star Trek canon, but which was not included in any of the FASA manuals.  May include canon designs from Deep Space Nine And Voyager television series, as well as Next Generation era Star Trek feature films.

Denotes ship class of purely fan origin; also known as a "fanship".  Not part of official Star Trek canon and never appeared in any FASA material.

∆ Denotes ship class that appeared as a Jaynz entry in Stardate magazine.  Considered somewhat official by FASA standards, but not necessarily canon by contemporary Star Trek standards.