elow you will find my very short, very exclusive list of Star Trek web site links.  Given that there are about fifty billion different Star Trek sites on the internet today, my list below includes only those sites that I believe are well constructed and/or pertain specifically to creating Star Trek fanships, or that deal directly with the STSTCS and similar game(s).  Please, do not e-mail me and ask me to include a link to your generic, nameless, podunk Trek page if all you have to offer is a few copy-cat graphics or other endlessly replicated material.  I also do not 'barter' links, in that I don't play the "I'll put your banner on my site if you put my banner on your site" game.  I believe the STSTCSOLD&A  web site stands on its own merit, without the need to attract extra attention via spreading as many links as I possibly can across cyberspace.  I see this tactic employed far too often by shitty Trek pages, and I will not stoop to it.  In that same vein, I don't like web rings, and I don't like cluttering my web pages with other people's banners and graphics and buttons unless their sites are as good, or better, than my own.  So, if your site is not a very detailed, very nicely designed site specifically featuring excellent fanship material or STSTCS material, then you probably won't get it listed here.